Road Trip Planning for a Safer Holiday Journey

Keeping in mind that anything can go wrong while driving on your holiday road trip, planning ahead is a wise course of action. Taking the time to go over this list and packing these safety essentials in the car is a great way to lessen the chances of trouble on the highway.

Be sure that you check that your car has a spare tire, that it gets inflated, and you have a working car tire jack and all the parts to get it working. It won't hurt to pack a few cans of tire-inflator just in case more that one tire has issues on the road.

Keeping a gas can in the trunk is a great way to speed up the process of getting fuel if you run out because most drivers that will come to help you are not traveling with a gas can in the trunk.

Packing a set of jumper cables will help get your car rolling again.

Tyson Motor Corporation can complete your holiday road trip safety check-up, so stop by before you go.

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