Total Vehicle Costs Aren’t Unexpected With a Workable Plan from Tyson Motor Corporation

Some drivers are "gas and go" owners, who aren't too concerned about additional vehicle costs. At some point, those drivers realize their vehicle is costing a lot more than just a fill-up at the corner gas station in Joliet, but unfortunately it’s at a really inconvenient time in the monthly budget.

It doesn’t have to be that way if you’ve already considered the average vehicle costs each year and plan accordingly. Whether you're considering a new vehicle or used, once you take into account your monthly payment, insurance, and gas, there’s still vehicle tag renewal, scheduled vehicle maintenance, and the possibility of a repair or replacement part.

It’s better to be prepared within your budget rather than wait until your cash flow is lower than desired. Our team at Tyson Motor Corporation can help you accomplish that. We welcome you to come by and let us show you how to develop a plan that works at 1 SW Frontage Road!

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