DIY Headlight Restoration Made Easy

Headlights are only good for us when they’re clean and clear. Regardless of what type of driving you’re doing, you want to be able to see clearly when you’re driving. Headlight cleaning and restoration is something we specialize in at Tyson Motor Corporation.

Regardless of what kind of headlights you buy, they tend to fade and become discolored over time, which can affect your visibility. If you’re interested in DIY headlight cleaning and restoration, there are several ways you can accomplish this feat. There are some inexpensive and easy home remedies you can use yourself.

• Toothpaste
• Sandpaper
• Headlight polish
• Insect repellent

While each of these remedies can be done at home, we recommend stopping to see us if you have any concerns.

Whether you’re in the market for new headlights or are in need of some cleaning assistance, stop in service center in Shorewood and speak with our technicians, who are waiting and ready to help.

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