Items That Can Be Very Helpful In A Roadside Emergency

Roadside emergencies are never fun if you're not prepared. That is why we here at Tyson Motor Corporation want to be sure to give you some helpful tips. While you hope to never use one, an emergency kit can be extremely useful in times of crisis.

This emergency kit can include things like road flares, flashlights, and warm blankets in case you should be stranded in colder temperatures. It should also contain a first aid kit. You should always call emergency responders if you have sustained injuries in a crash but a first aid kit will help address smaller and less serious injuries you may sustain while out on the road.

If you would like us to expand on this list or would like to schedule an appointment with our service team for any work to be done on your vehicle then feel free to give us a call to set up an appointment with the service team at Tyson Motor Corporation in Shorewood today!
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