Air Filters Are an Important Part of a Cars Operation

Your vehicle needs oxygen for different things, and the best and most available source of this oxygen is the air outside. This air however is dirty and full of pollutants and other particulates. Because of this it needs to be cleaned and filtered before use in the engine or the cabin.

To achieve this, it is passed through different filters before being utilized, the two most common of these filters is the engine air filter and the cabin air filter. Both are serviced here at Tyson Motor Corporation in Shorewood, IL, and can be one of the most affordable ways to improve your cars performance.

Air filters are important because they keep things like pollen, mold, and other particulates from entering your car’s engine or cabin. If the filters become dirty they can cause reduced air flow as well as lower quality and dirty air to enter your vehicle. Neither of which are ideal.

Don't take another breath of dirty air, or let your engine take one either, bring your car into Tyson Motor Corporation today for an air filter replacement.

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