The Importance of Brakes

An important safety feature of any vehicle is the brake pad. If the brakes don't work properly, then you won't be able to get the vehicle stopped in time when needed. The braking system is rather simple on most cars. There are usually disk brakes on the front of the car with drums or disk brakes on the rear.

When you're in the car and need to stop, you press the brake pedal. This pedal moves a plunger to the master cylinder of the brake system. The brake fluid is then pushed through the system as well. The fluid travels to each wheel, working with the disk brakes to stop the car. If the pedal begins to go to the floor, then the vehicle could be low on brake fluid.

When you visit Tyson Motor Corporation in Shorewood, you need to have your brakes examined. If there are any odd noises or feelings when you press the brake pad, you need to get the vehicle checked or look at other vehicles.

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