Kitty Litter, Sand, or Salt Which One is Best for What?

Kitty litter, salt, or sand? Which one do you use for traction in the winter? Which one do you use to melt ice on your driveway? Chances are you probably utilize salt on both your driveway and for carrying in your car in case you get stuck, however, this might not be the best option especially if temperatures, where you live drop below 12 degrees, Fahrenheit regularly.

Salt is great for melting ice on solid surfaces and when temps are above 12 degrees, however, when they fall below that, salt no longer works. That is why it may be best to keep all three on hand.

Salt is, of course, the most expensive option and often sells off the shelf however it is the best at melting ice in temperatures above 12 degrees. Salt will also not work if your car is stuck in wet slush.

In temps below this, it is smart to keep sand on hand in your vehicle. Sand won’t melt the ice, but if you get stuck, it can help to give you traction. Kitty litter can also help with traction as well as absorbing moisture if you get stuck in slush. Kitty litter is a great option to keep in your vehicle as it is also noncorrosive and helps to reduce humidity inside of vehicles which can help reduce the amount of frost you get on the windshield.

Here at Tyson Motor Corporation, we want to keep you safe on the road and being prepared with the right tools on hand can make all of the difference!
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