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Excellent Tire Selection and Service in Shorewood, IL

It's a given that having quality tires in a good, healthy condition improves the handling and driving experience in your vehicle. Did you know, however, that your tire health can also have a significant impact on your car's fuel efficiency, as well? Uneven wear on your tires and improper inflation levels can lower the mpg you get when you drive. Tyson Motor Company offers affordable tire service and tire replacement for all residents in the Joliet region. Our experts can evaluate your tires and give you advice on whether it's time for a rotation, balance, or if brand new tires are needed for your vehicle. Our tire center stocks all the tires from the name brands you trust in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Since Tyson Motor Company is a franchised dealer, we can replace the tires on your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or RAM vehicle with the exact model tires that you got when you purchased your car. That's something you won't get if you take your vehicle to an independent service facility in the Naperville and Braidwood area.

Time To Replace Your Tires? 

There are a variety of factors that come into play when it comes to wear and tear on your tires and whether it's time for replacement. Road conditions, driving habits, driving environment and improper usage are just a few things that can affect tire lifespan. One of the key elements in extending tire life is regular rotation intervals. Uneven tire wear is an unavoidable fact when you drive your car. Having your tires rotated at regular intervals can help balance out the wear that each tire receives and extend overall life. Tyson Motor Company offers tire specials on maintenance services like tire rotation and balance that can help save you money. Our certified technicians can inspect your tires and let you know if it's time for replacement, or if you can safely drive a little longer on the set you have. If you think it could be time for a new set of tires, click here to schedule an online service appointment.   

Save on New Tires or Tire Repair at Tyson Motors

Tyson Motor Company frequently runs specials on tire rotation, balance and other vehicle maintenance. Bringing in your car for service at regularly scheduled intervals is one of the best ways to extend overall vehicle life, and our technicians always do a thorough check on your tires when you bring your vehicle in. We're minutes away from Braidwood, Naperville and Orland Park with our convenient location at 1 SW Frontage Rd Shorewood, IL 60404. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have about your vehicle's tires, or any other service concern you may have. Feel free to call us at (866) 980-7073 or contact us online today.  
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